Alline e Iuri

“Once upon a time… in a boring class biochemistry in 2008, an unusual invitation: “You agree to be my partner in a romantic congress of neurosurgery?” “Yes!” “Was the answer. And so began this story very little conventional. ”

Alline and Iuri decided to tell their story while they write … Knowing that career will lead them away after the wedding, we decided that the film had to go beyond the story of the couple, making then a beautiful homage to their family . For this, we traveled to the Chapada Diamantina, where Conceição, the groom’s mother, lives. So, there was a storm of ideas: we climbed the Mount Pai Inácio, recorded at BR 142, we took a trail that seemed to never end and among other adventures (…) to have incredible images like this “crazy story”!

Ansious for the next chapter: the wedding.

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