Alline + Iuri

I could write a thousand words about the history of Alline and Iuri, but I’ll opt in just transcribe her own words, by the way, it fit perfectly with both.
“Having you with me is like living in a beautiful and enigmatic film. We have the romance: a few seconds are needed for our sintony be perceived. We have the drama, ah how we are dramatic, emphatic and intense, making our movie a sublime beauty. We have an amazing script written and rewritten daily, always being improved, verging on perfection. And, of course, there must be the suspense, after all, what awaits us is not clear or predictable… I’m sure a great climax is coming! We going to run the biggest picture of our lives, after all, happily ever we already are! ”
Cheers! Eternity! and more love to you, Alline e Iuri!

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